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Rechargeable (BTE) Behind the Ear Hearing Aids Digital

Rechargeable (BTE) Behind the Ear Hearing Aids Digital

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Whether it’s hearing the sound of the birds in the morning or the laughter of your children we are hear to bring your independence back.


Main features!


- This hearing aid is a digital hearing aid not Analogue meaning the sound quality will be highly improved compared to an Analogue model.


- One touch volume control, independent to each aid.


- Your ears are distinctive to you, that’s why we facilitate you with 5 individual size ear tips, for the most precise fit.


- Sound as nature intended, with 3D sound clarity processing built in with a High-Definition sound chip.


- These are entirely re-chargeable hearing aids and DO NOT require battery replacement.


- The battery will give you a significant 30-40 hours of use before their next charge, a full charge will take as little as 1 hour.


What's included?


- Your Hearing Aids.


- 1 Charging lead.


- Instruction manual and a 12-month warranty or replacement.


With 48 hour delivery from Royal Mail you don’t need to worry about any long-drawn out waiting lists.


Don’t let hearing loss separate you from the joyful times spent with your loved ones, choose our hearing aids today.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Mary Simpson

Very happy with my purchase and have ordered the second one

Emily D
Effective and well worth the cost.

My husband had a pair of hearing aids that cost thousands of pounds, but he never wanted to wear them because they needed constant adjustments. He lost one of them and didn't want to replace it, so I decided to try these hearing aids instead. They work great! Our son talks very quietly, but my husband can hear everything he says now. I would recommend these to others.


I bought these hearing aids as a gift for my grandmother, and I'm so excited to give them to her. I tested them out myself (even though I have great hearing!) and found them very easy to use. They come in a convenient case for storage, and the separate charger makes it easy to charge each hearing aid individually. I can't wait to show my grandmother how to use them - they're sure to make a world of difference for her during our video chats.

Superb value.

I had tried a couple of hearing devices for my granddad before, but they kept breaking and he couldn't hear anything with the thin wires. The charging was too complicated for him, too. These hearing aids have been a perfect fit for him, and he loves them so much that he's already asking for another pair. We won't need to order another one for a while since it's a pair and he only uses one at a time.

Liam Davids
For my dad.

These hearing aids worked great, with no adjustment period needed since he was already used to wearing them. We charged them up, turned them on, set the volume to level 1, and he was able to wear them for 2 days before needing to recharge. They're very clear and don't pick up background noise when we're talking as a family. Highly recommended.