Individualistic Tracking

Our unprecedented watches are leading with a multitude of features.

Accurate Blood Glucose readings through the sensors on the watch  

Our Smartwatches come with an individualistic app to track countless different things that these exceptional watches are capable of tracking.

2.5D Curved Glass

You also get an advantageous weather forecast app.

With a water resistant 1.92 inch true colourscreen it's wide and clear and boasts it's colours through this powerful display.

With 2.5D Curved tempered glass it's toughand clear to see through.

4 Monitoring Modes

There are 4 monitoring modes watch wearing detectionchest stickersECG belt, or your handheld ECG all this is included with your watch.

It takes a mere 30 seconds to detect ECG.

You also have 24/7 heart rate monitoring to ensure your heart is healthy.

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