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Rechargeable (BTE) Hearing Aids Behind The Ear Hearing Digital

Rechargeable (BTE) Hearing Aids Behind The Ear Hearing Digital

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Whether it’s hearing the sound of the birds in the morning or the laughter of your children we are hear to bring your independence back.


Main features?


- This hearing aid is a digital hearing aid not Analogue meaning the sound quality will be highly improved compared to an Analogue model.


- One touch volume control, independent to each aid.


- Your ears are distinctive to you, that’s why we facilitate you with 5 individual size ear tips, for the most precise fit.


- Sound as nature intended, with 3D sound clarity processing built in with a High-Definition sound chip.


- These are entirely re-chargeable hearing aids and DO NOT require battery replacement.


- The battery will give you a significant 30-40 hours of use before their next charge, a full charge will take as little as 1 hour.


What's included?


- Your Hearing Aids.


- 1 Charging lead.


- Instruction manual and a 12-month warranty or replacement.


With 48 hour delivery from Royal Mail you don’t need to worry about any long-drawn out waiting lists.


Don’t let hearing loss separate you from the joyful times spent with your loved ones, choose our hearing aids today.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Paul Daulby
Super value

These hearing aids really work and at a great value price. Easy to charge and set for individual use.
Thoroughly recommend.

David Prout
Saved me £6,000.

It was fast and easy. The agent for the chat session was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions.
I had been quoted as much as £6,000 for a pair of hearing aids. Most quotes however were around £4,000.
I'm on my second week wearing them and my body & brain are adjusting to them. Customer service was outstanding. I called customer service about some issues and it was explained to me that it would take about a month before the body and brain adjust to them. I'm seeing that change every time I wear them. Now, when I put them on, I don't feel that I have them on. My hearing has improved tremendously. I don't have to make people repeat. I would hope that anyone with hearing problems get in touch with these guys. You'll be hearing great and be saving a bundle of cash with your purchase.

Katherine A
proud wearing these

I have been a proud hearing aid wearer since the age of 12. I tried different brands, In college, I ended up switching to a different brand that just was not as good. I am SO incredibly glad to be wearing these Hearing Aids in my adult years. The office staff are helpful and the overall atmosphere is positive and environment is clean. My hearing aid specialist is seriously one top notch guy and is incredibly personable. I used to have the whole white coat syndrome, but that is completely out the window! I no longer have anxiety when it comes to having hearing aid appointments or annual hearing exams. They are super accommodating, also, in helping find the best avenue in terms of price of hearing aids. They have many options based on prices.

Louise Prewett
Not rushed

My hearing instrument specialist and the front office staff went above and beyond to help me! They made me feel like I was their top priority. They were patient, professional and concerned. I did not feel rushed (as I have with a previous service), I got the results I wanted and needed. I am very happy with my new hearing aids and can hear the tv and have conversations with others with no problem. I can't thank these two enough for helping me hear better!

David Fergus
outstanding product

I was at the beginning stages of tinnitus when I went to the ear doctor. And I know no one says the hearing aids cure tinnitus, but in my case, when I put it in I realized that I didn’t have tinnitus anymore. I took it out and didn’t wear it for four or five days, my tinnitus started to come back. So it not only improves my hearing, but it also takes care of that. I've been using these for almost over a year now and I'm very pleased. They are absolutely outstanding.