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Rechargeable (ITC) Invisible Hearing Aids Hearing Aids Hidden

Rechargeable (ITC) Invisible Hearing Aids Hearing Aids Hidden

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Whether it’s hearing the sound of the birds in the morning or the laughter of your children we are hear to bring your independence back.


Main features!


- One touch volume control, independent to each aid.


- Your ears are distinctive to you, that’s why we facilitate you with 5 individual size ear tips, for the most precise fit.


- Sound as nature intended, with 3D sound clarity processing built in with a High-Definition sound chip.


- These are entirely re-chargeable hearing aids and DO NOT require battery replacement.


- The battery will give you a significant 30-40 hours of use before their next charge, a full charge will take as little as 1 hour in the charging case included.


What's included?


- Your Hearing Aids.


- 1 Charging lead and charging case with LED display.


- Instruction manual and a 12-month warranty or replacement.


With 48 hour delivery from Royal Mail you don’t need to worry about any long-drawn out waiting lists.


Don’t let hearing loss separate you from the joyful times spent with your loved ones, choose our hearing aids today.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews

I got these hearing aids as a substitute for a family member, and they function just as capably as other hearing aids, which are significantly more expensive. I am very happy with their performance.

Great relief

My spouse's hearing has been slowly deteriorating, and he often requires high TV volume, which causes discomfort to my ears. However, after using the hearing aids, he could lower the TV volume, and he could hear his response even from the kitchen. It's a great relief.


My set is flawless, they effectively amplify sounds without forcing me to constantly ask "what," which used to annoy my husband immensely. The various sizes of ear fittings were also fantastic, as they offered a comfortable fit, and the price was simply unbelievable.

Bernard H

Very impressed for the price. Thanks

Karen K
Excellent customer service

Excellent customer service. We had our first order go missing during delivery. Got it sorted in the end. So far so good!!!